Why use a medical billing service?

It’s Profitable

What Our Clients Say About Us:

medical billing specialists

  • Dr. Peter Fernandez:  “As a practice consultant for 35 years, I’ve only found one billing service I can recommend. while there are many other companies attempting to provide these services, my clients and I have found them to be woefully inadequate or incompetent. The only billing service I recommend is through PSMBS!”
  • Alan Rousso, DC, PC: “Greg Barnes was introduced to me by a fellow chiropractor over 15 years ago. In the following years, a number of additional clients began to use his services and the feedback was more than positive. After receiving numerous phone calls and additional recommendations about Greg’s services, our organization decided to endorse Greg and his team for other clients.  For the past six years, I now have my own coaching company and Greg is my only recommendation for billing services. The reason for this is I have received “zero” complaints from my clients about his services, collection ratio and expertise. That’s a pretty good combination of reasons to hire and stay with Greg”
  • Jay Morgan, DC: “Many of my clients use this service and swear by it and its results. They collect and get it done!”
  • Dr. Warren Silver: “I have been using physician services for over 12 years.  They are as much a part of my staff as anyone else.  The only difference is that I know they will be there, I don’t have to worry about training another person to do my billing or collections.  Staff may come and go, but Greg and his team will be there so I know I will get paid.  They do a great job and I am pleased.”
  • Dr. Chris Cianci: “Most offices are only able to hire a single billing person, when you are a client with Physicians Billing you actually have your own billing department. You get a personal billing assistant but you also have others there to help out. There are people there to fill in and they grow with you. No more diminished collections when your billing person goes on vacation , gets sick…….leaves you without notice etc.etc.etc. Physicians Billing Services allows the Doctor to function more as an entrepreneur, you oversee the collection in the office, you don’t have to be the hiring person ,the training person, the Human Resources person, the office manager etc. etc.etc. Physicians Billing allows you to focus on being a leader in the office and the Doctor you always thought you’d be in your office. Using Physicians Billing Services is a no-brainer if you want to succeed. It’s the modern way of maximizing collections. Progressive offices look at PBS like having their own team of virtual assistants that you don’t force you to get more floor space, you don’t pay work comp insurance for, don’t pay payroll taxes, …and you don’t have another attitude in the office to manage”
  • Dr. Tom Mitchell, DC: “I have been using Physician Services for the past 10 years.  Their service is excellent and it saves me both significant time and money.  I really appreciate that I can focus on my patients and leave the insurance hassles to them.  I wholeheartedly recommend them to any doctor who is looking to reduce headaches and save money.”
  • Michael Fedorczyk, DC: “Greg Barnes and the Staff of Physician Services have lifted a tremendous burden off my shoulders! They handle all of my health insurance billing. His staff members are professional, knowledgeable and reliable. I have great peace of mind, knowing that I have a billing staff that knows what they are doing and that I don’t have to worry about replacing and retraining every few months. They are accessible and available to answer any questions I have regarding insurance billing. They regularly advise me of the status of my billing and collections and catch any mistakes or missing information needed to complete the billing process. My office manager loves our assigned billing person! She has made my office manages job and responsibilities a lot more pleasant. Our billing collections have increased since we started using Physician Services. Because of Greg and his staff, I can focus more on being a doctor and spending time with my patients. I give Greg Barnes and Physician Services my highest recommendations”
  • Dr. Ledet: “I have been using Physician Services now for over 15 years. The best decision I have every made was to get the insurance billing out of my office and into Physician Services’ “hands”. It takes the stress of dealing and fighting with insurance companies away from me and my staff. Consider what you have to pay for an insurance clerk in your office then compare that to what you pay for Physician Services…there is no comparison. Diagnosis coding and service billing is two of the most important factors to consider when billing major medical insurances for services rendered in your office. Everyone of the Physician Services staff members are very well versed in all coding for your services to insure optimum reimbursement for those services. We all know in the healthcare world the insurance company is in business to pay less for services rendered by facilities and physicians. Since Physician Services has been on my team my collections have increased 12%. I have had one staff member at Physician Services that has been my biller. She has always been very helpful and always available when I have questions. She will also reach out to me when she knows if an insurance company will pay for a certain service to get my opinion if that service would be beneficial for that patients care. I have been in practice for 20 years….my only regret is not hiring Physician Services the day I opened my doors of my practice. If you are reading this, you are interested…..do not waste anymore time. Get the headaches out of your office and hire Physician Services”
  • Dr. Patrick Newhouse: “I don’t know what I would do without Physician’s Services in my practice.  I have been with Greg and the team since my first year in practice and I will be with them until I am done practicing.  Their system and service is so user friendly you almost can’t believe it, and their accessibility and service is second to none. Getting started is very easy and the amount of time and money they save you dealing with insurance companies, and not having to hire and train staff makes their very competitive rate worth every penny.  You don’t even know how much money you are losing not hiring them!!!  I couldn’t recommend Physician’s Services high enough.”
  • Dr. William Cogburn: “I have used Physician Services for 18 years and am very happy with their professionalism, accuracy and timeliness of my practice billing.I have been in practice 25 years and have done it myself (billing and the associated follow-ups , etc.) and have found it to be cheaper to utilize Physician Services than do my own billing in house. Thanks Greg Barnes and staff for the wonderful job you do!”
  • Dr. Tom Konopka: “I feel incredibly fortunate to have such an outstanding team to handle the billing for my chiropractic practice.  They are extremely knowledgeable and on occasion when I have an unanswered question, they have gone out of their way to find resources to help solve my problems.  I have no doubt that they work hard to collect on the difficult claims as if they were collecting for their own business.  Physician Services has in-house expertise in chiropractic coding and billing, and therefore has deserving earned other area chiropractic practices as clients through an excellent reputation.  They are endlessly patient answering my questions and going over details with me no matter how often I call.  I hope to continue my relationship with Physician services for the lifetime of my practice, and highly recommend them!”
  • Lisa Richards, Office Manager: “My name is Lisa Richards and I work with Dr. Dave Washack at Wellness Solutions.  I wanted to take a moment and write you a  note and tell how impressed we are with Physician Services. Their customer service is immediate.  I never wait for a call back or an email from them when I have billing issues.  Believe me I have had some issues.Your staff always have a prompt response and their patience is unlimited.  While I have a long and varied work history I have never been afforded the opportunity to work with insurance and billing.  My guide through this whole new world has been your staff. I am never afraid to ask questions, as I mentioned your staff’s patience and they are so kind, even when I test them with my unlimited questions.  When we make a mistake, not often, we are reminded with an email or a gentle phone call.Your staff have made my life so much easier.  I am sure you hear daily when there are problems but I am not so sure you hear all the good things.  There are so many good things with all of your staff. Again, they are amazing and I have been remiss in telling you about my wonderful experiences.  I will email you periodically just to say thank you for them. Please let them know how much I appreciate their hard work and diligence.  If you have any questions or want more specific examples I am happy to discuss this and I can be reached at (843) 686 – 9355.”
  • Donald B. Backstrom, M.S., D.C: “We have used PSMBS for 18 years. The outstanding service from our insurance biller saves us time and money. We would recommend PSMBS to any company in need to a billing service.”